House tour! My favourite and least favourite rooms!

So I recently ran a poll on twitter asking if anyone wanted to see a house tour and it was all votes to yes! So here it is!

My house isn’t the tidiest, there’s rooms we haven’t quite finished yet! We’ve lived in the house since December and I was 28 weeks pregnant when decorating it so it was tough going and then 2 weeks later we had Robert so didn’t get to finish it all properly!

When we first moved in we decided to have Robert in the back smaller bedroom and have the front room as my makeup and storage room… decorated his bedroom and now we’ve decided to move him into the bigger room so both rooms are upside down at the moment as Robert is still in with us anyway! Enough babbling here’s my house tour 🙂


Our bedroom is quite compact! It has built in wardrobes all around it and we have our big crushed velvet bed which I absolutely adore! We have the colour scheme black grey and a bit of yellow! (Excuse the blue light, ours broke and we’re using Roberts for now) 🙈

My bedroom is one of my favourites! Always makes me feel great when the bed is made and the room is tidy! Love getting into a freshly made bed!

Absolutely love this wall plaque! It’s one of my favourite quotes and goes so well in our bedroom!


The bathroom would be another one of my favourites! Every girl has got to have some form of pink somewhere in the house! I choose the bathroom! It’s got grey wood round the bottom and white tiles up round the rest of it! We added a pink unicorn shower curtain, pink bath math and of course my bright pink radiator! I absolutely love it!


If you follow my twitter and Instagram you know I love the colour yellow! There’s no surprise there when my hall is also yellow! Going up one side we have this white and grey tile like wallpaper filled with loads of photo frames of family and Robert! When you reach the bottom we have a number of little plaques and quotes along with “our first home” box frame that I made myself! This would be another favourite!


Our dining room is kind of joined on to our kitchen to we decided to do these two rooms the same colour and we choose red and black for it! Our kitchen is quite small and our dining room seems to gather all of our junk which can be annoying at times!

As you can see it’s not sitting perfect, it’s a home though and it’s got that homely feeling to us!


As I said before were in the process of moving the rooms about again so it’s a bomb site! I love the little pictures hanging on Roberts wall though!

Our plan for his bigger room is cloud wallpaper and a light blue paint for the other ones!


Our living room is also a working progress! We have recently decided to change wallpaper and paint to help brighten it up! It’s pretty plain and always seems to be untidy as that’s were we spend most of our time!

There you have our house tour! I hope you have enjoyed reading and looking at the photos!

What’s your favourite rooms in your house? Do you have any least favourites? What’s your favourite colour schemes? Let me know in the comments below!

B xo


The Mama Tag!

Hello lovelies!

I absolutely love a tag post! There fun quick and easy! I also love reading them! I recently read Charlottes post on this and decided it looked fun and I was going to do it! You can read her post here!

So I’ve been a mummy for 6 months now and it’s the best thing ever! Definitely feel I was born to be a mummy! Even tho I find it tough at times it makes me so happy! I love it! So here it goes my “mummy tag”

How old were you when you had your first child?

  • I fell pregnant at 21 and had Robert when I was 22.

What is the hardest thing about being pregnant for 9 months?

  • Well to be honest the hardest part was that I actually didn’t get to carry him for 9 months! I was only pregnant for 6 and a half months! I had a tough pregnancy! Had terrible sickness right up until 24 weeks! I also had a scare at 15 weeks where I lost a lot of blood! And then my waters broke at 29 weeks! So really I only had about 5 weeks of my pregnancy where I felt okay apart from me worrying that something bad was going to happen.

Can you think of any good things you enjoyed during those 9 months?

  • When I first felt Robert kick was amazing! My placenta was at the front and until it moved up I never felt much! So when I felt the first strong kick it brought tears to my eyes (in a good way). Also finding out I was having a boy was amazing as everyone had convinced me it was a girl by the way I was carrying and my cravings.

In your opinion, we’re all the things you heard about childbirth accurate or way off?

  • Not very many people told me there stories about childbirth as I was a worrier. I used to watch one born every minute and see the ladies pacing up and down and on a ball when they were in labour but I never got any of that so I guess it was way off! I was bed bound attached to three different drips, a monitor for my heart and his heart! An incubator beside my bed ready for him arriving and about 9 other people in the room with me! So it was way off to the clips I had seen and the odd story’s people told me.

Would you have handled childbirth differently if you could redo it?

  • To be honest I’m not sure how to answer that one. The only thing I would want to do differently would be to hold him straight away after giving birth instead of having to wait a few days. It was tough going. But it’s made me who I am today.

What advice would you give to someone who’s about to have a baby?

  • Take each minute as it comes! Yes make a birth plan but don’t get your heart set on it as anything could happen. Ask for help if needed and capture every moment you can as it goes by in a blink of an eye and before you know it there 6 months old! Lol!

What has been the hardest thing as a mum?

  • Well for starters my anxiety has got a lot worse since becoming a mum. I worry about everything. With Robert also getting ill when getting out of the neonatal unit, it turned me into a nervous wreck. Trying to balance him being in hospital basically for the first few months of his life along with the lack of sleep, loss of appetite and loss of income due to mark on sick leave and having to pay for fuel etc! Also I’m always scared of failing at being a mother, have always felt it was my fault he came early even tho it wasn’t as it was a unknown cause.

What has been the most rewarding thing as a mum?

  • There’s been a few. Seeing how far he has come from a tiny 3lb7 in an incubator to being over a stone at 6 months old.
  • Being able to produce breast milk for the first 3 months of his life and being told that your milk is amazing because he’s been one of the best grown babies to put weight on as quick and well as he did. The dietician even said it’s been a while since she’s seen a baby thrive so quickly just on breast milk in the neonatal unit.
  • Also seeing him smile for the first time and laugh was amazing. It still is. His wee grin just melts my heart more and more each day. What is the best memory you have involving your child?
  • Robert had a tough start to life and then having bronchilitus, phemonia and having to get a blood transfusion to then being diagnosed with cmpa the days were tough on my own with him while his daddy worked, but the day I looked down and spoke to him and he gave me a proper smile that I knew wasn’t wind was one of the best memories ever! I cried my eyes out!

What was the most exciting milestone for your child so far?

  • For me my milestones were slightly different to parents who don’t have a premature baby. Such as, being able to wear clothes for the first time at 2 weeks old, being able to have milk without a tube at 5 weeks old, but the best one is being to breathe all on his own without the cpap machine!

What is the worst thing your child has done?

  • Nothing as of yet, he’s only 6 months so I’m sure there will be plenty to come when he’s on the move! Lol!

What habit do you wish your child didn’t have?

  • Again with him only being 6 months actual/ 4 months corrected he doesn’t have any bad habits yet.

Do you share any similarities with your child? Both physical and personality?

  • He has my nose and eyes but in every other single way he is his daddy’s double! Also had his daddy’s personality! Lol! Grumpy when he’s tired or hungry, farts like his daddy- sometimes I don’t know who done it!! Lol!

Where would you like your child to be in 10 years?

  • I don’t want to think of him being a 10 year old one day! It scares me! But I know is I want him to be happy and content and have the best life possible!

Is there anything that having a child has taught you?

  • It has taught me how to be more mature/ grown up! Taught me to take every day as it comes and it has taught me how to be strong and how amazing a women’s body actually is!

Did you imagine you would be a mum at the age you did?

  • I have always wanted children and a big family! I thought I would be 25/26 before having one but I wouldn’t change it having him at this age!

Describe your child in one sentence.

  • A happy little fighter.

How have you changed as a person since becoming a mum?

  • Ever since becoming a mum I’m a lot more content with life. I’m so much more stronger than I have ever been and I’m now able to stand up for myself because I have him to stand up for now too! It’s made me into such a better person mentally aswell! I couldn’t ask for a better life and I’m so happy to have the family I do!

Hope you enjoyed reading my “mum tag”. I enjoyed writing it! I tag all those yummy mummy’s out there to give it a go! It’s great fun!

Don’t forget to check out Charlottes post on it!

Thanks for reading!

B xo

Childhood Tag!

Hello lovelies and welcome back to another blog post! I came across the lovely Laura’s post on the childhood tag and thought I would join in! There’s questions on it that you would have never even thought about before! You can check her blog out Here! She’s also recently gone self hosted and her page is the cutest! Please go check it out!

So here it goes:

01. What were you not expecting/not prepared for before becoming a parent?

The biggest thing I wasn’t prepared for was having Robert 2 and a half months early… I was not prepared for the sleepless nights of expressing milk without a baby beside me. I was not prepared for learning new hospital language within the NICU which I never even knew about before.. I wasn’t expecting to miss my baby shower, I wasn’t expecting not being able to pack my own hospital bag. Quite a lot I wasn’t expecting or not prepared for!

02. What is your main piece of advice for new parents?

To enjoy every minute as they don’t stay little for long! Take as many photos and videos as you can as it’s so nice to sit and look back on them! Don’t compare yourself to other parents as every child is different and will behave differently!

03. How do you encourage family time at home?

It’s not so much always at home! We love going on family days out, walks and just general play time at home! We would spend a few hours playing with him on the floor, reading to him, getting him used to different textures etc! Then when Robert is napping it’s mine and his daddy’s family time!

04. How do you balance being a blogger with parental duties?

I don’t really have a set time for blogging as I take each day as it comes! Spending time with Robert and his daddy is my main priority and then doing things around the house! At the minute I blog when Roberts sleeping and I’m not planning to do anything else!

05. What was your favourite toy growing up?

That’s a tough one.. growing up I loved role play more than toys! I used to love pretending to go to a supermarket, I had my own little trolley and used to play along with supermarket sweep when it was on tv! ( I feel old saying that) and also loved playing “housies” as I called it!

Also I loved to read, I used to be able to read a book in 2 days when I was younger!

06. Have you kept any of your toys from your childhood?

Ive kept a couple of teddy bears! I’ve also kept my letterland books and Jaqueline Wilson books as she was my favourite author and probably still is!

07. What are your children’s favourite toys?

At the minute Robert doesn’t really have any. He loves the feel of different toys but is still a bit young to have a favourite!

08. Do you actively limit the amount of screen time your kids have?

I don’t really have too at the moment! I sometimes have it on in the background and he loves anything with bright colours! But I will limit the amount of screen time when he’s a bit older!

09. How do you reduce plastic waste in your home? – Reusable bottles, buying wooden toys, avoiding excessive food packaging, etc.?

To be honest I don’t really. I do recycle everything but we have a lot of plastic bottles around and a good bit of food packaging!

10. What advice would you give to parents who want to start blogging?

To go for it! Blogging is a way of expressing yourself and it’s great! Make a twitter account, Instagram and have a read at some other bloggers for a feel of it!

I tag any lovely person who wants to join in 🙂


B xo

Half way there… A post on general chit chat and reflection!

Honestly cannot believe it’s the second week in July… it’s crazy to think where this year is going! It’s been such a rollercoaster already and full of literally every emotion you could think off.. not quite sure what way this post will turn out.. it could end up being me just rambling on about things that don’t even make sense.

I’ve spent quite a while this morning looking back throughout pictures of this year and actually sitting back and thinking how much we have actually came through..

I came across a quote from a man called “Paul TP Wong” and it said

“Time spent in self-reflection is never wasted! It is an intimate date with yourself”

Some people say you should never think of the past or to forget about the past, but when it’s shaped me into who I am today, how can I not? Im a much stronger women who never thought I would have to face any of the challenges I did!

I’m quite an anxious person and always have been. When I was younger I couldn’t go to bed at night without doing certain things.. like making sure the gate was shut in the garden.. checking my alarms about 10 times, ensuring the plugs were all switched off, ensuring I told my mum I loved her and I would see her in the morning! If I didn’t do any of these at night I wouldn’t sleep at all.

Last month I actually took the plunge and went to the doctors because my anxiety was getting way too out of hand. I couldn’t leave the house just me and him. I was panicking about every little thing and obviously there is more reasons for that now.

Having Robert 10 weeks early was the big one that added to my anxiety! Always thinking that he was going to stop breathing etc. It got to the point I was pretty much raising him by a book because I was far too scared to do anything my own way incase it caused him any harm.

Then when leaving the hospital he got readmitted a few weeks later with bronchilitus, phenmonia and needed a blood transfusion! He was very very poorly and his breathing rate was up at 77 breaths per minute. He required oxygen, blood and placed back in an incubator. Never did I think I would see him back in one of those after being in it for the first week of his life. It was a tough experience! When we got home I found myself counting his breaths every half hour, watching to see if his belly was sucking in, listening to him breathing. In the end I became obsessed by it.

After my doctors trip i got prescribed medication that have seemed to be helping. We made it out of the house just us 2 and had a little shopping trip. I also haven’t checked his breathing since this morning as it came to me I hadn’t done it in ages.

I started crying.. this morning it was sitting at 37 breaths a minute which is absolutely perfect! I honestly can’t believe how well he has come on and how far we all have came as a family!

It’s not been easy on my other half either because my anxiety caused a few friction arguments between us and I’m so happy we’re all perfect and have came through a lot.

Honestly not quite sure what this blog post is actually about! It was just for me to ramble on a bit and write everything down that I was feeling!

Here’s to the next half of the year! Onwards and upwards!



5 things June linky! What have I loved in June?

Goodbye June.. Hello July! I honestly cannot believe we are half way through the year already! It’s so scary! Doesn’t feel that long ago I was wishing everyone happy new year! It’s crazy!

For my next blog post I’ve decided to join in with the #5thingslinky created by the lovely Rachel and Georgia! Click on their names and you will be taken to their pages! They are two lovely ladies and have fabulous blogs! To find out the rules to this linky click HERE and have a read! Now let’s get into it!

Four in a bed programme!

Me and my other half never really find anything we both like watching at the same time! We ended up watching four in a bed once on tv and both instantly became hooked! We then found 12 series of it on the 4 app and have been spending the evenings when Roberts sleeping cuddled up on the sofa watching a few episodes! It’s been perfect for our relationship and it’s so nice to spend just us time both enjoying the same thing!

The weather!

The weather in June has just been fantastic! Sunshine literally brings out the good in everyone and people seem so much happier! It’s been amazing to be able to have family bbqs and spend time with people who mean the most! Also I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a few cheeky glasses of prosecco while enjoying the sunshine! (Sure it’s summer so why not)!

Love island!

Quite a lot of people won’t like this one but I absolutely love this show! So happy that it started in June! I get so into it and from 9-10 at night, it’s my time on the sofa with a cuppa tea and some munchies while daddy takes over baby duties!


Within the month of June me and mark finally got round to starting our back garden! We literally had the best laughs ever! From picking out a range of different plants and plant pots and deciding where each of them went! I even got to plant my favourite flower which is a sunflower! It Was great to finally get stuck into it!

Father’s Day!

Celebrating marks first Father’s Day made me so so happy! It was my chance to show him how truly amazing he is! I also was able to create some diy products which was fun making! I loved spoiling him and showing him how much of a great dad and partner he is! Made me so happy!

So there we have 5 things that made me happy in June! What made you happy in June? Are you going to join in with the girls linky?

It was fun writing this so thanks to the two lovely ladies for creating it! Be sure to check them out!

Happy July!

B xo

My June Favourites.

I honestly can’t believe we are coming to the end of June.. like where is this year going? Half way through already! It honestly doesn’t feel that long ago that I was wishing everyone a happy new year… it’s flying in.

Anyway in this blog post I’ve decided to write about 5 things I’ve came across this month that I absolutely love! Random mixture, 3 items for myself that I love and then 2 baby items I love!

1.Starting off with this soap because I love it so much! It’s by Baylis and Harding! Fabulous make! It’s tropical cocktail scented and it is just lush! There were 2 other scents which were “frosted donuts” and “eton mess”! I will definitely be going back to get them! The smell is so so strong and you don’t even have to sniff your hands to smell it! It’s such a summer smell which is perfect for the months of June! Would deffo recommend it!

2. Next up we have this Wickford & Co candle from home bargains! Pink rhubarb and pear scented! I was always a bit sceptical about buy candles that didn’t have a lid as I always thought the smell would be away before even getting to light it! I was totally surprised by this candle because even before it’s lit the smell is around the room! It’s another summery sweet smell and for 99p it’s amazing!

3. Third on my favourites list is this right guard shower gel! It’s perfect for dry skin and the smell is absolutely amazing! It’s coconut water with coconut extract! It helps prevent the skin from drying out. It’s such a strong smell and even after drying yourself you can still smell it for up to 8 hours! Only £1 from home bargains! Perfect!

4. Moving on to the 2 baby items that I love! First up we have this scentsy product! If you haven’t heard of them I would definitely look them up! This is Roberts scentsy sidekick “Murphy the mouse” in the smell newborn nursery! It’s a plush toy which is filled with fragranced beads! 100% baby safe! It is literally so strong it smells the whole room! It’s such a fresh smell and Robert absolutely loves it handing on his pram!

5. Last but not least we have these rattle me wrist pals by bright stars! As we all know babies love to kick their legs and move their arms about! These are great! You can attach Them to the babies wrists or ankles and when they kick or move their arms they rattle! There soft and comfortable for the baby and you can get hours of fun out of them! Robert loves them as he’s always wriggling about!

There we have 5 of my favourite things I came across in June! I hope you have enjoyed reading it!

What’s your favourite things for the month of June? Have you tried any of these products? What else would you recommend for trying in June?

Thanks for reading!

Love B xo

Wham bam thank you “mam”

Hi everyone! I’ve decided for my next blog post to do a review on mam baby products! Along with little angels I swear by them for Robert!

Since Robert was premature it took us forever to get the right bottle for him to get used too! He was so used to the softness of the hospital teats and he was also breast fed a few times while in hospital so we wanted him to have a bottle that would represent the mothers breast and like the hospital bottles for an easy transition!

After bringing him home we tried Nuk bottles, dr Brown bottles, Tommie tippie and Tesco ownbrand. It was taking Robert 45 minutes to finish a bottle.

Robert then took Sick with bronchilitius and was working hard to breathe which made feeding a lot harder on him along with his colic until we decided to try the mam bottles! We ended up kicking ourselves because we didn’t try them at the start because so many people raved on about the dr Brown bottles and Tommie tippie!

The mam bottles made feeding a lot easier at this difficult time and he then was able to finish a bottle in 15/20 minutes without the hard work and started putting the weight on a lot better! The colic calmed down and he loved the feel of the bottles! Also these bottles are self sterilising, no need for a separate steriliser! You have a certain way to put them and add a bit of water and pop them in the microwave for the recommended time depending on the number of bottles! We’ve moved from the first teat to the second with no problem aswell! I couldn’t recommend them enough!

They also have the glass bottle which is made of temperature resistant glass! This means the bottle can be heated in the microwave or bottle warmer, cooled down quickly, cleaned in the dishwasher and sterilised at a high temperature! Will definitely be trying it next!

Since Robert took to the bottles so well and always struggled to keep a dummy in his mouth but cried for one we decided to try the mam dummies too! Now he loves them and won’t take any other dummy. We’ve become a bit obsessed and have bought quite a few! You can never have too many! They are symmetric shape and always fits perfect in baby’s mouth and they are designed with dentists for a healthy dental development! There very skin friendly and have air holes and unique mam dimples on the inside but are also curved for maximum comfort! They also come in there own wee sterilised box and can be sterilised in 3 minutes for up to 48 hours! We just love them!!

We also purchased their teether we called bite and relax! It’s an extra light-weight mini teether and it relieves teething problems! It had a few different structures and Robert loves it!

Finally they also provide a wide range of different products that we will hopefully be purchasing in the future such as feeding spoons and baby cutlery!

Overall I would highly recommend mam to any new mum and mummies to be! Since using them we wouldn’t turn back seeing how settled Robert is with them!!

What baby bottles do you use? Which works best for your little one? Do you use mam too?

B x